Having the right mind-set and behaviors are key to be a successful and efficient leader. The Executive Performance coaching program focuses on developing key techniques and methods for ways of working to help leaders understand, plan and implement business changes and manage teams in a more efficient and creative way.

The program focuses on 12 beliefs to help leaders in “Selecting the right things to do” and “Getting better at getting the right things done”.

Program duration is 4 weeks covering 12 sessions of one hour each.

Topics in this program include:

- Understand Beliefs and Expectations
- Understand Reality vs Assumptions
- Identifying Root Cause
- Setting Outcomes and Goals
- Managing Change
- Developing Action Plans
- Execution through Visualization
- Reviewing and Understanding of Implementation
- Engagement and Team Alignment
- Building Accountability
- Developing Self and Others
- Communication and Transparency


Knowing your dream and realizing your passion is the key to live a balanced and fulfilled life. Dream building enables individuals to discover and build self awareness through a tested program that has helped thousands of people over the years to discover their purpose and live their dreams.

The program includes 16 audio files to listen to in addition to a workbook that helps you document your dream and align your actions to achieve your goals.

Program duration is 12 weeks covering 12 sessions of one hour each with a minimum of one week and a maximum of 2 weeks between sessions.

Topics in this program include:

- Defining Your Dream
- Testing Your Dream
- Increasing Your Sense of Deserving
- Befriending Your Fears
- Activating the Law of Circulation through Giving
- Changing Your Perception
- Setting Yourself free through Forgiveness
- Listening to the Small Voice
- Creating a Support System
- Training Your Mind
- Turning Failure to a Stepping Stone
- Harvesting Your Dream


Having someone to challenge our ideas and thoughts can bring out the best in us.

One to one coaching is a single coaching session when you need to overcome challenges, develop ideas or make difficult decisions.

Coaching sessions are booked when required and are focused on the key area of support that is needed by individuals.