Life Coaching offers a kind of support unlike any other you may have experienced. I will focus solely on your situation giving you my full attention and commitment. I will help you see how you see yourself and your world by asking you a series of questions, helping you clarify your goals in life and career, in addition to triggering what motivates you and how to use that in overcoming your challenges and achieving your goals. This is based on trust, openness and full confidentially.

As a life coach, I will not be telling you to go and do something specific, nor doing something for you. If I did this I would be taking the the power away from you. Life Coaching promotes a greater self awareness, and shift in our perspectives. Barriers of self belief are challenged, and individuals open up fresh approaches and ideas.

If you have a problem at work, as a coach, I would help you analyze the situation more clearly with a fresh perspective, to get a better understating of what is happening. Together we would develop a range of new ideas or approaches that would help you plan constructive actions that get you the results you want.


What coaching isn't

- Psychotherapy or therapy
- Someone to solve your problems and give you solutions
- Someone to tell you what to do
- Structured teaching

Is Coaching the right thing for you?

During a Strategy Session you will have the opportunity to begin crafting your dream. Once you have clearly identified just what it is that you would love in your life in the four domains of Health, Relationships, Career/Creative Expression and Time/Money Freedom, we will look more closely at exactly what may be holding you back from manifesting what you would love to be, do, have, give, and create and in your life. We will also determine whether or not what I have to offer is a good fit for you.

If these videos move you, then you are in the right place!